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St. John's Village Flu Vax program

FLU VAX 2018

Help Us Protect You, Your Loved Ones and our St. John’s Community!

I would like to extend an invitation for you to join me in taking a proactive approach by getting your flu shot during one of our clinics. Come and enjoy a cuppa after your shot. I’m attending the first clinic scheduled for Friday 27 April.

FLU VAX 2018 is extending to include the broader St. John’s Village community.

Vaccination clinics for all Staff

20 APRIL  2018  – 10.00am-2.00pm

27 APRIL 2018 – 1.00pm-5.00pm

Vaccination clinics for volunteers, service providers, Residents, their families and carers, all Terraces and self-care residents and all staff:

10 MAY 2018 – 1.00pm-5.00pm

21 MAY 2018 – 9.00am-1.00pm

29 MAY 2018 – 7.00am-11.00am

Our aim is to making it easy for you to protect yourself St. John’s Village and our community against influenza this winter.

The Team at St. John’s Village has developed an organisation wide program. This will cover all aged care recipients, our staff and volunteers and will also encompass our broader community of residents’ family and carers, and independent living residents. Vaccination for all staff and volunteers and aged care residents is covered by St John’s Village and, at a reasonable cost, to everyone else in our community.

Paul MacDonald, Facility Manager will be coordinating the overall program for St. John’s Village and will be supported by Barb Ryan, Accommodation Services Manager. The clinics will be held in the staff training room near Reception.

Please read the 12 Reasons for Healthcare Workers to have the flu shot!

Download the 12 Reasons for Health Care Workers to have a yearly Influenza Vaccination Presentation.

Desirée Harker
Managing Director and Chair St. John’s Village Board

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