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Influenza Update 17 August 2017

St. John's Village Flu Vax program

Dear Residents, Families, Carers and Volunteers,

Many of you would be aware that St. John’s is currently experiencing an Influenza outbreak. As a result of this St. John’s is following the Department of Health guidelines to contain this outbreak. This has resulted in all normal Activities and movement throughout the houses to cease.

All visitors, contractors and volunteers will be unable to enter St. John’s as per the recommendations from the Department of Health guidelines unless directed by staff.

Your cooperation during this time is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Glenn Phelps                                                                     Bishop John Parkes
Chief Executive Officer                                                    Chairman of the Board


Department of HealthGuidelines for the Prevention, Control and Public Health Management of Influenza Outbreaks in Residential Care Facilities in Australia

Please Contact St. John’s Village for further information.


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