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Person Centred Care

We are committed to enhancing care delivery and efficiency at St. John’s. Our team are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all our residents as well as creating an environment where they feel valued and able to live the life they choose. A shared focus of our team is making a real difference in people’s lives through developing flexible care models which allow our residents to continue being unique individuals with a purpose.

Care Services an Quality Management Team

“Delivering predictability and stability with real ‘person centred care’ from the same carers every day provides better care for all our residents”, Kym Durance, Care Services Manager.

Working closely with Quality Manager Neale Morris we are in the process of dividing up the facility into five groups or ‘houses’. Each House has a Team Leader who has become the resident’s focal point and first point of contact. The process ensures that residents have the same carers every day.

“We have chosen to move from a focus on patient management to a philosophy of care that is ‘person centred’ – embracing an individual’s physical and mental care as well as fulfilling their social and spiritual needs. I appreciate that substantive change is never easy.

My sincere thanks to all management and staff whose openness and desire has been instrumental in achieving this change, which truly embraces the ethos of our caring Anglican Wangaratta Diocese”, Bishop John Parkes.

Bishop John Parkes