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Family Information

Accessing information about your loved one’s progress

If you would like more information about your loved one’s progress, before or after your visit, you are always welcome to speak to the Registered Nurse, Team Leader or Care Manager. You can ask them for an update and raise any concerns. Nominated next of kin are welcome to review the care plan and have input into it.

If you would like more information, please talk to the friendly St. John’s Village staff, as there are many helpful resources available to assist you. 03 5721 4214

When to Visit

Many years of experience have shown that your loved one gets a pleasant surprise if you vary your visiting times. Visits do not have to be long and it is always best to leave before your relative/friend gets too tired. Please check our Tips for Chatting page. The aim is to keep it bright and entertaining, leaving on a happy note.

As a general rule for many residents, morning visits work best.

We welcome visitors at any time, but please be mindful of meal times, which are 8am (breakfast), 12.30pm (lunch) and 6pm (dinner).

Visiting with children

Visiting with children can be very rewarding for you, the children and the person you are visiting. Children’s enthusiasm can bring a lot of joy to your aged loved ones. At St. John’s Village, there are many things you can do to help make your visit with children a happy and enjoyable one:

  • Residents enjoy watching children play, so use toys to amuse the children
  • Pick some flowers and make a posy for the resident’s room
  • Ask your children to come and give an impromptu concert.

SKYPE provides a user-friendly and interactive way for you to keep in touch with loved ones, family and friends. Ask a family member to connect with you over Skype next time they are in to see you and stay connected via the internet via this free and easy to use service.

Once you are set up with Skype, you can call and view your friends and family anywhere across Australia or across the world for free. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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Your feedback is vitally important to us and assists us in providing quality care and services to our residents. Thank you.

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