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Music Therapy Program

St. John’s Village has had the opportunity to provide iPods and headphones for the specific use of residents who may benefit from Music Therapy.
There is also an additional option for family or loved ones to participate in enjoying the experience.

If you would like to take part in the program, please contact Colleen O’Connor, Lifestyle Coordinator on 5723 2494.

Music Therapy in Aged Care – article from the Australia Music Therapy Association

Music Therapy at St. John's Village

Library, Residents Workshop and the
St. John’s Village Chapel

We make sure there is a range of diverse, fun-filled and healthy lifestyle options. The fully equipped resident workshop is very popular, along with the various non-denominational services in St. John’s Village Chapel.

Residents Café

In February 2016 the residents commenced running their own café in the Auditorium every Wednesday after noon.  This offers residents the chance to take control of their own social experiences and provides an inviting, comfortable place to interact with each other.

Life Stories

Another very popular activity for residents is working with skilled volunteers to write their own life stories.

34th Book Launch for Life Stories

Congratulations to Rod Davis and his team of amazing volunteers on this latest book by Tina Dykmans – ‘Getting on with it’.

In 2010 three volunteers started Life Stories Life Stories Program at St. John’s Village in Wangaratta North East Victoria. Nobody was really sure if anyone would be interested in writing or reading the life stories of a group of elderly citizens living in retirement in regional Victoria. “Where do we begin” was the question on everyone’s lips closely followed by “But who would want to read my story anyway?”

On that first day local residents arrived in the lounge at St. John’s unsure where to start. “It was all such a long time ago, where do I begin?” Rod and his small team of volunteers started listening, memories were jogged and stories were collected. They were no rules, people just started talking and Rod and his team started jotting down notes.

Now with the project in it’s sixth year, Rod and his expanded team of volunteer writers have completed and published 34 high quality, full colour, hard cover, perfect bound books of between 70 to 200 pages each!

This project is supported by St. John’s Village Wangaratta for more information please contact Rod Davis on 03 5722 2540.

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